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Drop the Light!

     Why does it seem like gay guys like to perform in
the theater more than straight guys? Why do so many like to sing on stage? And
why do a lot of them talk and talk and talk until there is nothing left to talk
about, and then proceed to talk about nothing? I've been giving these questions
a lot of thought lately and ended up answering them with two more questions...
What is it that a severely repressed people would lack? They would lack freedom
of expression. What do the theater, vocal performances, and constant chattering
provide? ... Avenues of expression. "If this is true," I thought, "then why do I
hate acting, singing, and why am I a quiet person, a minimalist when it comes to
talking?" Then I remembered this website, and the first thing that came to my

mind after I acquainted expression and repression... I thought, "I've got to
write this down." Writing is my avenue, something I've always taken very

     To be fair here, I guess I should say that there are all
sorts of gay people: feminine females and more masculine females, and masculine
males and some feminine males; and I'm not saying that any one is better than
any other. I have tried dating feminine guys before, slightly flaming, and I
ended up having trouble falling for them. It's like a gay paradox; gay guys are
attracted to guys, but we've also been given these qualities that are more
feminine (whether it be smaller bone structure, or female mannerisms, or higher
voices, or maybe just an enhanced sense of fashion. ;) ), but these qualities
would supposedly make us less attractive to the gay guys we're trying to
attract. The smaller bone structure and the homosexuality are definitely
genetic, but what if some mannerisms are modeled after straight people? Wouldn't
it make sense that throughout the life of a homosexual male, he was observing
how the highly feminine girls (cheerleaders and such) were always irresistible
to the guys? This world teaches us through media and first hand experience that
those blond girly Swedish feminine things are practically universally attractive
to straight males... so I'm saying that maybe the flamers subconsciously picked
up on that. It's a very good idea from a logical standpoint; gay guys like men,
so some model themselves in the image of the people who are most effective at
attracting men - those 'lean mean blond Swedish machine' women. That theory
doesn't take into account how innate those feminine qualities are in feminine
gay males though, and I don't think it's very fair to say they are a learned
response... I mean, maybe that "You go girlfriend" thing is learned, but the
underlying genetic causes for acting feminine are way deeper than just watching
a few episodes of Ricky Lake. We must stand-up for our diversity as a people as
well as the cause as a whole, which includes our feminine, our masculine, and
everyone in between.

     When a people are repressed about an issue
such as sexuality, when they can't express to their friends, family, and
acquaintances that they find a person attractive, when they can't talk about sex
or sexiness at all, that person is stripped of a significant portion of what it
means to be human. Sexuality is a VERY large part of humanity, and when it is
repressed, externally (and even more damagingly internally) you're going to end
up with people who, when they finally accept themselves, publicize their
sexuality, just like straight people always have. Some straight people get
angry, they say that homosexuals are "gaying everything up." They say that
homosexuals are shamelessly flaunting their sexuality, and they're sick of it...
I think they're frustrated, aggravated that they can't sweep homosexuals under
the rug like they always have in the past, annoyed because they're having to
reexamine themselves (and we all dislike realizing that we've been wrong).
Realizing that what they've been doing, the way that they have treated
homosexuals, and the way that society has justified it, was the only immorality.
I don't think repression has caused gay people to amplify their mannerisms, I
think that the straight world is just learning how to live with gay people.
They're learning what "gay" truly is, and sometimes I think that the discomfort
that some straight people have is caused by the fact that the existence of gay
people, openly, redefines the typical gender stereotype lines... and that is a
dangerous path to tread since western society has so long prized the stark
division of men and women - the (traditionally) dominating and the dominated.
What do people do then when the mere existence of a open homosexual blurs those
prized gender role lines? They become afraid, and then get angry, and then we
label them "homophobes" since their confusion makes life harder on homosexuals.

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