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Hi I'm new here, I just wanted to post a letter that I want to write to my dad but I'm afraid to do it, I don't know if it's good enough or whatever, and it'd be great if someone could help me out. The letter is under the cut.

Dear Dad,
I remember how everytime I mention my friend Jackie you'd mumble something like "fucking dyke" or "peice of shit homosexuals". I never let you know how much that bothered me because it might have made you wonder about my own sexuality. In truth, I am a homosexual as well. I remember how you said that no homosexual will ever live under your roof, and if you're really not racist like you say you aren't, you wouldn't kick someone out of your house because of their sexual preferance. If you can't accept me for who I am, then I can live with that. It's your choice. I'm sorry if you're really that cold-hearted and closed-minded. And I'm sorry if I can't be who you want me to be, which you said is a "normal person". You said the only people that can have good lives is hetrosexuals and that Jackie's on the wrong path. When it comes down to the bottom, I'm your daughter, and you should care for me no matter what my sexuality is. But if you chose to deny me of any love and care because of what gender I chose to be with, then go ahead and be that way. Just remember that you used to be my hero, but now you're nothing to me.

Love Always,
Lisa Jennine
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