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The Liberty of Choice...

Is just as simple as changing nothing

Gay rights and the issues that object
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Hello everyone. Welcome to GSA Debate. This community is a place for open-minded people to come and speak their minds about their views on Gay Marriage and Gay Rights. A place for acceptance and understanding, but also objections and discussion.


1. Each member is welcome. There will be no member denied for their sexual orientation or their views on their personal topic that they wish to discuss.
2. Each member is at liberty to post entries, post comments, argue, curse, and of course…debate.
3. If a member disagrees with another member’s views, they can and will make an obvious objection. This is not a personal community…There will be no personal attacking on any other members because of their beliefs and thoughts.
4. This is an open-minded community, if you can’t join without getting your panties in a twist from someone else’s argument, then don’t bother joining.
5. If a member posts something personal, about their point of view, experiences, or relations, I will not tolerate anyone to reply with a vicious comment. There will be NO direct attacking taking place, if you don’t like it, there are other communities for that.
6. I expect there to issues concerning Gay Marriage, Religion, Morality, Gay Access into the Military, Gay Adoption, Discrimination, and many others. But I do not want there to be posts about other members. Keep it mature, civil, and friendly, if possible.
7. If you are being harassed in any way that you might be obligated to leave the community because you feel uncomfortable, tell me. My personal journal is do_the_drew89 feel free to comment me a question, idea, or if you need to report foul behavior in the community.

If these rules are broken in a severe way, I will have no choice but to ban you. Just respect others, their opinions, and you will be respected in return.

By the way, your mod: do_the_drew89 IS a homosexual, so if you post any entries that are discriminatory or vicious towards homosexuals, I will ban your ass in a heartbeat, don’t forget it!

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Diversity is love!